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To gain an understanding of the overall process you will need to implement in order to successfully launch a Lead Ad Funnel to generate leads for your business.


Lead Ad – An online ad designed to capture peoples details including name, email and phone number, without having to build web pages or direct people away from the social media platform they have seen your ad on e.g. people see your ad in Facebook and complete the form within the Facebook environment

Lead – A person who fills in a form and provides you with their name, email and phone number

Facebook Business Manager or Business Manager – A business manager is a tool and interfaces specifically designed to give business owners and marketers the tools they need to manage multiple Facebook assets including ad accounts, pages, audiences and catalogues. If you see a grey screen in a video that looks different but contains Facebook Branding, this is Facebook Manager. You must have this installed for managing ads and your account

Facebook Audience – A group of people that share similar interests, demographics, behaviours and other key attributes.

Lead Magnets – The content you have created to give away to your Avatar in exchange for their email address and phone number

Email – Single email communicate

Email Sequence – Series of two or more emails automatically sent to people(s) signed up to receive information from your business

CRM or Customer Relationship Management – System you use to manage your clients and contact them via email. Example include ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp and Mailer Lite

Email Client – The system you use to send your personal or business email. Common email clients include Gmail and Outlook.

Download Delivery Sequence – Email sequence designed to deliver a download to an avatar who has opted in for the content

Zapier – The system we recommend to us to take leads from Facebook and put them into your email program/CRM 


  • What a lead funnel is

  • How it generates leads

  • The systems you need to be able to implement the funnel

  • Where to find the instructions and information you need to launch the Funnel


Watch the video below to gain an understanding of the funnel and how it all works

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    Facebook Business Manager


    Google Drive



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