The 1:1:1 Rule (One Person, One Problem, One Solution) - Kath Clarke
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Kath Clarke’s 1:1:1 principle is a framework designed to help you simplify your messaging and create more effective connections to a cold audience.

Use the 1:1:1 Principle in your marketing messaging and even product/program creation,  to avoid creating generic products or communications that sound like everyone else in the marketplace.

It is all about focus. When you try to serve everyone, you serve no-one. So start with:

  • One Product

  • One Person

  • One Solution


You will learn how to: 

  • Think of your target market as one person, not a group of people. 

  • Identify the one person you want to serve, the biggest problem they face and the most valuable solution you can offer

  • Identify key messages to use to attract the ideal avatar you want to serve 

  • Learn a quick and simple system for your business as a whole, or specific advertising messages to help you create solutions directly aligned to key problems your avatar is experiencing 



Print out the 1:1:1 Rule Template above and watch the video below

If the video doesn’t load, Click Here


    Sharon, Female, 38, Mother of one toddler, Melbourne, Australia, Professional Services

    Exhausted and doesn’t have the energy to keep up with her toddler, working and being a wife. Knows her problem is she hasn’t been taking care of herself, and her nutrition and exercise have fallen by the wayside. Uses time as an excuse not to address the problem

    Cost-effective and simple ‘done for you’ nutritional meal prep program, delivered to the door that takes less than a few minutes to prepare, and a simple fitness routine designed around playing with your toddler.


    • You can picture the person you want to serve (your avatar) 

    • You have a new sense of understanding as to how your avatar lives and the key relevant problem they are experiencing 

    • You know how you can help them and the value you can offer them 

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