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No B.S. strategies for sustainable success.

I know what it takes to stand out and get noticed — and I can show you too.

Start running your business instead of your business running you.

My lovely! You and I both know you’re DAMN good at what you do. You wouldn’t be where you are if you weren’t!

But when you signed up to build a business, you quietly stuck your head in the sand with the minor detail that you’d be running your marketing, sales, IT (and every other) department, too. The very thing you love is the source of pain too …right?

The good news is you don’t have to do this alone. And there is another way. Even if you can only see it this way, right now.

Through my programs, I’ve helped hundreds of passionate women fall back in love with their business. My marketing strategies have connected over 30,000 people through One of Many, the global women’s leadership community I co-own and run. As well as upteen more through all the women in my trainings.

So when I say I know how to get you results — I mean it.

I’ll help you get sh*t donE
without losing your sh*t.

No “passive income” unicorn dreams here. I’ve actually done the work and delivered massive results based on everything I teach. You’ll get the exact marketing strategies I’ve used to put them to work for YOU.

Kath Clarke

Kath is an empowering, rare straight-talker and catalyst for entrepreneurs with a ‘growth + impact’ vision who are competing to find their unique edge.

Using creative marketing and scalable business strategies of ‘tribe’ and ‘movement’ building she has delivered ROIs of 30x spend, filled conferences, built 10K+ FB groups and 4X business profits. Her background incorporating journalism, online marketing, branding and entrepreneurship, feeds her skill in getting her client’s clarity on their unique key messaging to explain what they do differently. Then she builds their business growth plan completely aligned with the magic of their vision and their“why”.

Kath is Founder/ Director of Kathclarke.com + Director of One of Many™.

What people are saying…

We learnt how to clearly define our product offering and our ideal Avatar, so much so that we are attracting them on a daily basis. We have expanded our reach beyond just word of mouth referrals and our services are impacting the lives of more women! Thanks Kath for your insights and tough questions.


I’ve got a completely new, totally effective way of working with women that not only works with them in ways that I could hardly ever imagine, but works for me on so many levels. Without Kath, I would not be doing what I’m doing today, there’s no doubt about that and her expertise is amazing. 


Kath’s got very much a big game strategy mind but she doesn’t forget all the small details as well. You get the full suite of great complimentary skills. 


Ready for real results in your business?
I’ve got your back.