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Learn about the Tribe Famous Network and rediscover your Original Magic and Unique Edge.

You know deep down that your marketing isn’t working.

You’re putting in the work. But you’re not getting the leads or sales you need for a consistent flow of clients every month.

It’s time for you to start running your marketing instead of your marketing running you.

The good news is you don’t have to do this alone. We’ve got your back…

Every business and their founder has it’s own unique set of needs, desires, goals and skills…
so one size never fits all
That’s why the team at have developed the …
A marketing and sales planning experience completely tailored to your business.


After any business founder has finished the Tribe Famous Sit Down, the Tribe Famous Mentorship is the perfect marriage of DIY (because the whole idea is for you to be hands on with your own business) with training, ongoing assistance and accountability from the Kath Clarke team.

 We will provide you with the knowledge, the tools and resources we have developed and refined over the last few years, and the support (both tech and moral!) as we guide you through implementing your strategy, while growing you and your business into the Tribe Famous go to leaders.

I’m Kath Clarke, and when I say I know how to get you results  I mean it.

I’ve helped hundreds of passionate women fall back in love with their business. My marketing strategies have connected over 30,000 people through One of Many, the global women’s leadership community I co-own and run. As well as many more through the women in businesses I train…


10 Critical Foundations You Need to Get Hands Off Original & Creative Marketing on Auto-Pilot…


You know deep down that your marketing isn’t working. You’re putting in the work. But you’re not getting the sales you need for a consistent flow of clients every month.

Take a REAL BREAK next holiday period and watch creative “Brand YOU” content roll out and bring leads in…and hit the ground running post-holiday!

The strategies you will learn over 12 months have worked in all types of businesses that we have PERSONALLY worked with.

Do You Want to Get More Clients & Customers through Automated Marketing That Is Authentically You, Original & Creative?


8 Weeks to Putting YOURSELF into Your Marketing, & Getting Leads From OUTSIDE Your Warm Market with our…

Learn & Implement The Critical Foundations You’ve NEVER been taught in Network Marketing to Get Hands Off Original & Creative Marketing that generates leads on Auto-Pilot…

What people are saying…

We learnt through the 8 week program how to clearly define our product offering and our ideal Avatar, so much so that we are attracting them on a daily basis. This has expanded our reach beyond just word of mouth referrals and our services are impacting the lives of more women!

Zana & Aggie

I knew I could create this business but I just didn’t know how to get there. And to actually see it happening is one of the most incredible, beautiful, special journeys I could ever embarked on and along with Kath and the love of her team and her passion and her drive and her brilliance, it’s been an incredible journey.


I’ve made as much in four months that I would normally make in eight months. Kath is one amazing dynamo of a woman and remarkably good fun to work with.

Grace Ambrook

I’m going to make sure you