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The information contained within this document gives you a plan you can use to effectively and consistently nurture people through their sales journey from lead or prospect to client or buyer.

WHY 7:11:4?

Research by Google suggests that a buyer needs 7 hours of interaction/engagement across 11 touch points in 4 separate locations before they make a purchase. In other words, they need to see you and/or your business for 7 hours with 11 touchpoints (watch a livestream, read your blog, comment on a post) in 4 different locations (eg. blog page, website,  online store, guest blog, email, social media platform) before they will become a trusted friend or client.

Watch the video below to learn more about the 7:11:4 Plan

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    • How to create a simple and repeatable content strategy for your business that gives you maximum exposure to new and existing prospects

    • How to maximise your exposure to the right people across 4 different platforms 

    • How to create an exclusive community of the right people to nurture and engage with 

    • How to create one piece of premium content per week to give your community, to build trust and position an offer in front of people who are ready to buy. Premium content is a livestream, video or live audio your audience can listen to in real-time or as a recording to discover who you are, what you do and the value you offer. Premium content should focus on helping people understand what they are experiencing, why they are experiencing it and give people a task of your unique take on how to solve the problem

    • How to leverage premium content to create a week’s worth of engaging social media that can be used on every platform


    • Decide what platform you want to promote your business on  and set up a business profile or page if you don’t already have one 

    • Set up your community 

    • Make sure you have a CRM in place. If you don’t use Mailchimp 

    • Check you have an ad account you can use to run paid ads on the social media platforms you are using 

    • Have a webcam and know how to stream live content on your chosen social media platforms 

    • Have a basic understanding of how to use a graphic application like Canva to produce social media tiles and content



    1 – Introduction to the 7:11:4 Plan

    In this video, we provide an overview of the 7:11:4 Plan and the different layers of the plan we will use to create a simple and repeatable content schedule for your business to attract new leads and nurture prospects into paying clients .

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      2 – Weekly Content Plan & Schedule

      The key objective of the 7:11:4 Plan is to provide you with a content strategy which is simple, repeatable and gives you opportunities to build trust and credibility with your tribe through their customer journey toward sale.

      The weekly content plan in your document on the following page exemplifies the type of content and frequency of content that needs to be posted to give you the best opportunity of success.  

      Its aim is to either create a highly qualified and engaged warm lead from a tribe member within in 3-4 weeks or transform a cold lead into a more engaged tribe member within a 2-3 month period. 

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        3 – Selecting Your Content For The Week & Creating Content Outlines

        In this video, we provide you with some tips to help select your weekly topic and create an outline for your Premium Content.

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          4 – Community Content Plan

          At the heart of the 7:11:4 Plan is your Community. Whether it is a WhatsApp group, Facebook Group or mobile phone app we recommend having a dedicated and exclusive space to share your most valuable content, giveaway content and position your paid offers. 

          Currently, the easiest platform for businesses to manage and use to implement this strategy is Facebook using a Facebook Group. Facebook Groups let your tribe of people come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organise, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos, and share related content in a secure and private space. Facebook Groups allow you to control who has access to your content and collect people’s contact details, giving you an opportunity to continue conversations with your group members on different platforms e.g. email. 

          In the video below, we explain the purpose of this part of the 7:11:4 Plan and the key components we recommend having in place within your business. 

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            5 – Community Content Plan Continued

            To keep people engaged we recommend posting 2-3 times day in your community. While this seems like a lot there is high probably most of your members will only see 1  in their newsfeed  a day unless they navigate to your group or have notifications enabled for your group.  The more you post and the more engagement you have in your group the more of your content people will see. To help you post the right content at the right time we have created a simple daily plan you can use to post content in your community designed to push people back to Premium Content and nurture them through the sales process. 

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              6 – Social Media Business Pages Weekly Plan

              Your social media business pages are available to the general public when they visit your profile.  The content published and distributed on these pages should reflect the work you are doing (like the cover of a magazine)  and drive people to opt-in (open the magazine) for an offer or to become part of your community in order to access your most valuable and current free content.

              In this video, we describe how many posts we recommend posting per week and what type of content each post should contain.

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                7 – Weekly Paid Ads Plan

                Paid ads are the most effective and reliable way to guarantee your business page posts appear in people’s news feeds on social media platforms like Facebook. Social media platform algorithms tend to only show people content from friends, groups and businesses they regularly engage with.

                If you have people on your database who follow you on social media but don’t regularly comment or engage with your posts, there is a high probability that your content won’t appear on their news feeds. Paying for ads specifically designed to target your database gives you the opportunity to stay in front of people in their news feeds, keeping them updated with what you are doing and giving them the opportunity to re-engage with you.

                In the video below, we describe how to structure your paid ads each week to help you get the best results.

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                  8 – Weekly Email Plan

                  Email is still one of the most powerful & effective ways of directly communicating with your audience.  To drive engagement in your community and social media platforms we recommend sending 2-3 emails every week to keep people informed about what is happening in your community and your offers. These emails, like your premium content (Facebook Lives), should be sent out consistently on the same days at the same times so that your audience comes to expect the emails. 

                  In this video, we describe three simple emails you can send each week to your database to keep up to date and engaged with your business.

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                    WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE

                    • Understanding of what you should be posting and when

                    • Creation of a plan for your business

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