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This article provides you with the instructions and information you need to create and launch a Chatbot Like and Share campaign.

A Chatbot Like and Share campaign consists of creating a simple Facebook competition that encourages people to like and share a post to win a prize, using a chatbot. The chatbot will pop up in the Facebook messenger every time someone comments on the post asking them to confirm their entry and will provide people with the opportunity to provide their email address or contact details in exchange for an offer, e.g. extra entries into the competition.
This will allow you to promote and increase brand awareness on Facebook while building your database at the same time.

The Chatbot Like and Share Campaign is the perfect tool for brick and mortar businesses or those with tangible product/service they can give away to attract their desired avatar.


  • How to create a like campaign aligned with your 1:1:1

  • How to create your first chatbot

  • How to create a sequence that captures leads name, email and phone numbers (optional)

  • How to connect your chatbot to your like and share the competition post


Before you start you need to

  • Decide on a giveaway/prize for your competition

  • Sign up for a Chatfuel account

  • Have a Facebook Business Page. Chatbots will not connect to a personal profile



If the video doesn’t load, Click Here


    Here are our tips for coming up with a great prize your avatar will be drawn to.

    • Keep the prize between $50 – $200

    • Make sure the prize aligns with your 1:1:1 to ensure you are attracting the right people

    • Make the prize positive, tangible and shareable. People will only share and tag people if they want the prize or can feel good about sharing it. If you are giving away a 7 Day Smoothie bundle, it’s more enticing for people to enter and tag people in a competition to win 7 Days of Delicious Nutritious Smoothies rather than 7 Day Pack of Weight Watchers Instant Meals. Focus on the positive!

    • Don’t create a prize that people don’t understand or requires a lot of explaining. If you can’t summarise the prize in a sentence or a couple of bullet points, then rethink the prize

    • If you have an intangible product or service team up with another business to offer a better prize.

    • Don’t overvalue the prize; people will think it’s a scam.

    • Keep the prize aligned with your core business offerings to avoid confusion. For example, you are a mortgage broker then don’t offer a free haircut, offer something house or finance related.

    • Think of something you can remarket to people or give away as a voucher as a ‘thanks for entering’ prize. For example, if you run classes, your prize could be a double pass to a class. Everyone who then enters could receive a runner up prize or offer that is a discount off their first class.


    Use the template below to create a short post for your competition

    *WIN WIN WIN ****

    Looking for ways to <insert the problem they are looking to solve as a question>, then make sure you enter our <Name of giveaway> Giveaway

    Valued at <insert value> our <giveaway name> is the perfect option for <describe the people you are targeting and the solution it will give them>

    The <pack/prize> includes

    ⭐️ Describe what it includes in bullet points

    To be in to win simply tell us <CHOOSE ONE who deserves this prize, who is you would share this prize with, who needs this in their life> Goal is to get them to tag a friend

    The competition will be drawn <insert Date >


    *WIN WIN WIN ****

    Looking for ways to reduce your family exposure to harmful chemicals make sure you enter our Summer Laundry Bundle Giveaway

    Valued at $85 our Summer Laundry Bundle the perfect option to make sure nothing in your laundry is harmful to you, your family or the environment, while still keeping up with a busy family’s washing load.

    The pack includes

    ⭐️ 500 grams of That Red House Organic Soapberries – this will wash 180+ loads

    ⭐️ A gorgeous laundry tonic of your choice

    ⭐️ 20 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

    To be in to win simply tell us who is the dirtiest or cleanest person you know…

    The competition will be drawn at 9 pm on October 30.


    Find an image of your prize or an image which shows people the benefit of your prize e.g if your prize is a PT Session then show people who are happy and fit or doing a session.

    Put it in Canva and put text on the image in the corner of your post (no more than 25% of the photo) with the words WIN <YOUR PRIZE>


    If the video doesn’t load, Click Here


      • A ‘like and share’ post on your page

      • A chatbot connect to your post that pops up when people comment on it

      • A google sheet that collects contact information of people who engage with your bot


      • The chatbot doesn’t work

        • FIX – Disconnect and reconnect the bot to your page then try reattaching the chatbot

        • FIX – Copy the link of the post again and try setting up the connection undergrowth tools again

        • FIX – Get a friend to comment on the post

        • FIX – Make sure you are commenting using your personal profile in the BLUE Facebook environment, not as your business

      • No-one is commenting on the post

        • FIX – Try tweaking the copy to be more direct and clear about the prize

        • FIX – Ask friends to comment on the post and promote in local groups

        • FIX – Try a new offer

        • FIX – Make sure comments are allowed under your Facebook settings

        • FIX – Make sure you are not asking people like share and tag. Only ask them to comment or tag people in the post

        • FIX – Boost your post to an audience; your page may not have a big enough reach yet.

      • The followup messages are not triggering or google not being populated

        • FIX – Check people are entering the bonus draw offer if they aren’t, personally message them

        • FIX – Check your sequence is connected to the last card people see

        • FIX – Make sure your google sheet is connected to the last card people see

      If you experience more problems, please comment below or reach out via the Facebook group.

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