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The objective of this article is to provide you with the templates and instructions you need to create a website that converts using Wix.

Wix is a platform that offers a range of different level of personal and business websites that are easy to create manage and maintain.

We provide you with a template site and instructions on how to personalise the site to fit your business.


  • How to set up a Wix account

  • How to get access to our basic website templates

  • Personalize the website to suit your business

  • Automate the sending of your lead magnet or welcome message

  • Create and update a blog on your website

  • Create a privacy policy for advertising


  1. Create a Wix account using our referral link

  2. Email [email protected] us with the email address you have registered with Wix and we will transfer a copy of the template to your account.

  3. Upgrade your account to a premium account to claim your domain name i.e. and to get rid of Wix advertising


How To Personalise & Build Your Website

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    How To Use The Wix Blog Feature

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      How To Create Send Your Download To People Who Opt-in On Your Website

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        How To Create And Use Your Privacy Policy

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          Privacy Policy Sample – Click here


            • You will have a professional-looking website that converts your visitors into sales opportunities.

            • Easily modify your website’s content and create blog posts and possibly even a store with minimal effort.

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