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In this article, Kath will walk you through the polarity exercise to help you help define key features and aspects of products and services for your clients and how you deliver them.


The Polarity Exercise allows you to quickly evaluate your options and identify the best and quickest way to create products and services using resources currently available to you.

Use the polarity exercise to help define key features and aspects of your programs and services including

★ Delivery of content online or in-person
★ Group or 1:1
★ Type of content you will deliver
★ New content or use existing content

If you get confused the process keep asking yourself what will give my clients the best experience/results and give me the ability to use my time in the best possible way or be able to scale my business. For example, an in-person 1:1 program is restrictive and time-consuming, you can only serve so many people at once and a 100% online program can be impersonal. To bridge the gap you may do a portion of online learning combined with a weekend retreat. This will be easier for you to deliver and give your clients the content and the personal touch they require.

At the end of the exercise, you should have a good idea of the best way to delivery and organise your program to ensure you use your time wisely and create a program that has the right mix of content, coaching and strategy to fit your business structure and lifestyle.


How to use the polarity exercise to help create products/services for your clients


Completed your 1:1:1 and know the one problem you are trying to solve or the solution you need to offer your avatar


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    An outline or idea of how you could assemble and deliver your program, product or service

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