Monday Live - How To Nurture Your Tribe - The 7/11/4 Rule of Exposure - Kath Clarke
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Recent research by Google suggests that a buyer needs 7 hours of interaction/engagement across 11 touchpoints, in 4 separate locations before they make a purchase.
That boggles the mind, it feels like a full-time job to get that much content in front of people. But in this week’s Livestream, we are showing you the framework of how you can, in a few short hours each week.
Join in to understand:
  • the types of interactions that your tribe is looking for
  • different ways to get them to engage with you
  • the nurturing platforms you should choose for your business
  • when to post and what to do after you do
Recently, we have learnt how to build a tribe. We gave away a bunch of easy ways to attract people to your tribe. In addition, we learnt the leadership and tribal qualities we could mimic from traditional tribes to build unreasonable loyalty in ours.
This week I want to go into more framework training on exactly HOW to get enough contact and connection with your tribe that you are slowly converting them into a raving fan, loyalist or highly qualified prospect – or all three!


Please note this video was filmed live in 2020. Any promotions or offers in the video may no longer be available. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us by clicking on the banner above or email us at [email protected].

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