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The goal of this article is to provide you with the knowledge you need to decide if you are going to use a free Google Personal Suite Account ([email protected]) or upgrade to a paid Google Business Suite account ([email protected]).


Anyone can sign up for a free account with Google and get an email address which ends with As part of your free account, you also get access to Google docs, sheets, slides, calendar, Gmail, drive and a wide range of other products and services. All of these services are tied back to your Google login and while some features may be limited you have a number of options to upgrade services as required e.g. Google Drive storage can be upgraded from 30GB to 200Gb for $4.99 per Month

In addition to providing free services for all its users, Google also has a business offering called GSuite. GSuite starts at just $10 per month per user and gives business owners a range of additional features including personalising and hosting their business email, template libraries and creating shared drives or workspaces for multiple people to work on at once.

We have recorded the video below to provide you with insights into key differences of each suite and why you may choose to upgrade to the business offering as your business grows.

If the video doesn’t load, Click Here

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